Effortless, High-Yields Farming Protocol on Binance Smart Chain

Yearnlab is a 2.0 DEFI Protocol. Enjoy seamless staking experience with yearnlab and earn reward upto 150,384% APY. Create your own token with desired names and setup staking pool.




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Whats the percentage of APY that Yearnlab is offering?

APY is an abbreviation for annual percentage yield, that is offered as a compensation for a particular investment. Larger APY can be expected if the yield on your investment is 1% or more. However, Yearnlab offer you APY of 150,384.84% to compensate you for providing liquidity in the liquidity pools.


What is the difference between APY and APR?

APY is the annual percentage yield on the other hand, APR is annual percentage rate. While APY is a compounded interest rate on your investment, APR is annual rate minus the fees.


Is there any presale YLB has plan for early investors?

Investors will soon be able to participate in the presale over the ILO launchpad, which will occur in the form of an Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO). The $YLB team looks forward to seeing all interested participants at the presale. Further detail will be available soon.!


Is calculating APY daily, a right way to determine your daily gains?

Calculating APY daily is not the optimal way to estimate your daily gains, since compounding is not a linear function.

Engineered For Better Financial Outcomes

True Hyperdeflationary Algorithm

YLB creates positive economic inflections for token holders through passive token mechanisms that occurs with each trade of YLB which contributes toward automatically generating liquidity locked inside Yearn Dex YLB-LP.

Listings coming in Q1-2022

Create Your Own Token
(no code required)


Create your own ERC20 or BEP20 Token in less than a minute with the most used Smart Contract Generator for ERC20 and BEP20 Token. No login. No setup. No coding required.

Earn With Your Own Token


Earning to Next Level

List your own token in staking platform and earn high DPY/APY.

Highest APY on YLB Staking


Yearnlab offer you APY of 150,384.84% to compensate you for providing liquidity in the liquidity pools.




1 - Create MetaMask wallet

Create a MetaMask Wallet using a phone or desktop computer. This will allow you to buy, sell and send $YLB tokens.


3 - Connect your wallet to PancakeSwap

Use the PancakeSwap exchange by connecting your MetaMask wallet to the site by clicking the 'Connect' button.


2 - Send BNB to your wallet

You can buy Binance Coin (BNB) on centralized exchanges such as Binance. Make sure to use the BSC network when transfering BNB.


4 - Swap BNB for YLB

You can start swapping your BNB as soon as the transaction is complete! Enter the token address of YLB in PancakeSwap to swap.

Voting Platform  


Total Proposals


Voting Delegated


Voting Addresses


Staking Pools

Frictionless Yield, Meet Deflation

The true hyperdeflationary algorithm and liquidity generation protocol is both deflationary and frictionless, which allows for persistent currency advancement and strong adoption stability.

5% of every transaction is locked as liquidity in the liquidity pool, creating an ever rising price floor. Tokens deposited into the liquidity pool will embrace full automation with guaranteed high utilization efficiencies that allow effortlessness accessibility through centralized exchanges


So, how are we going to do all of this?

Q3, 2021
Social media awareness
Explainer video
Medium articles
Q4, 2021
Private Sale For Exclusive Investors
Deploy Presale Smart Contract
Deploy Staking Smart Contract
SC Audit Report
Marketing & Strategic Partnership
Coinmarketcap & Coingecko listing
Presale live
Airdrop distribution
Q1, 2022
CEX listing
Create token testnet (beta version)
Staking as a service testnet(Beta version)
Mobile app test (beta version)
DEX platform testnet (beta version)
Governance platform live
Q2, 2022
Create token (main net)
Mobile app (main net)
Staking as a service (main net)
Interoperability staking functionality
Cross chain staking platform
Multichain staking as a service testnet (Beta version)
Q3, 2022
Paypal API integration
Add more staking pools
Marketing and partnership
R&D and add more features
Charity for blockchain society
Q4, 2022
Introducing lottery system
NFT integration
Advance Strategic partnerships
Expand team worldwide
Insurance for impermanent loss




Team behind Yearn Lab

Meet the people that are behind the scenes of YLB! With team members from all around the world, the ideas and visions being shared are same and full of energy. Everyone working on this project envisions that we all have an opportunity to make difference in crypto.

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